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Boeing 737 Simulator

Virtual Jet Simulation, Chudleigh, Devon

A high-fidelity, fully-functional replica of a Boeing 737-800 commercial aircraft cockpit mounted on a G-Star Motion Platform.

Initially available for hire at VJC for corporate and private “experience” entertainment, it is also intended for Jet Orientation Training, with a view to upgrading for CAA certification for Multi Crew Co-operation Training.

This was assembled and commissioned at SFS premises in Totnes using commercial off-the-shelf replica parts, controls and software – as well as original Boeing seats.

The display comprises a 220 degree field-of-view cylindrical screen, illuminated by a three HD projectors mounted on an overhead gantry.

Motion Platform
Comprises a bespoke composite deck mounted on four SFS G-Star 250 actuators, each capable of moving 250kg through plus/minus 50mm vertical movement at up to 2g vertical acceleration.

The G-Star platform supplies motion in three degrees of freedom: pitch, roll and heave.

This low-cost system provides motion “cueing” to augment the sensation of movement being generated by the visual display. This combination of sensory inputs provides more than sufficient synthetic motion for most training and entertainment requirements, and negates the need for hugely expensive, large-excursion motion systems.

G-Star will work with any Windows-based simulation software that generates vehicle motion data.

G-Star motion platforms are currently in use on a number of cockpit trainers built by SFS for military training facilities.