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"The experts in part-task simulation training"


Corporate profile

SFS is a world-class provider of part-task simulation training packages designed for specific civilian and military applications. Thanks to well-established relationships with key partners, SFS is able to deliver fully-integrated, turn-key training modules across a wide range of land, sea and air-based applications.

SFS personnel have a wealth of experience in robotics, mechanical engineering, plastics technology and programming. The real challenge is bringing all these various elements together and making them work as one – and this is where SFS really excels.

With a fully-equipped fabrication workshop and enough computing power to build and test the most demanding programmes, SFS is a world-leader in designing, developing and commercialising part-task simulation training devices and packages.

Working with specialist partners across a range of disciplines including optics, motion and sound technology, SFS training environments are highly cost-effective and second-to-none in terms of the quality of the overall sensory experience.

Having established itself in the part-task training segment of the market, SFS is now working with partners to developed an enhanced military-based training package that can replicate the battlefield in all its myriad complexities.

This new training package integrates real “boots on the ground” and real air support, with virtual soldiers and any amount of virtual air and land and sea-based weapons systems.
And thanks to state-of-the-art satellite technology, this seamless integration of the real and the virtual, works in real-time across continents instantaneously.

It can also incorporate a virtual enemy, to deliver a fully realistic battlefield scenario that would not otherwise be possible, other than “at war”. To find out more please click here.