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Minerva Explained

The Minerva system has been designed to provide a flexible and robust live/synthetic training capability. There are four key elements to the Minerva system:


The ability to produce a truly immersive and representative live/synthetic training environment relies on the ability to instrument real assets, whether they be people, vehicles or aircraft, to enable them to appear in both the real and synthetic environment simultaneously. The Minerva system achieves this by using a range of satellite and GSM tracking devices that feed entity state data for each asset directly into the simulated environment. Tracking devices can be set to send updates as often as once a second and provide a near real time representation of the real asset in the synthetic environment. In addition the Minerva system is fully compatible with any other instrumentation capability that is capable of providing a HLA/DIS entity data feed.

Display & Training Environment

The Minerva system is able to produce a range of synthetic environment displays which include everything from a simple laptop screen through to a fully immersive 360 degree dome. This flexibility enables the user to view and interact with the synthetic environment in a way that is most applicable to the real environment they are looking to re-create.


The ability to join together, in a synthetic environment, a number of disparate training systems to enhance the collective training benefit in one of the key features offered by the Minerva system. Minerva is fully compatible with any simulator, be that a fast jet, helicopter, vehicle, weapon or complex system that is capable of producing a HLA/DIS data feed. This flexibility enables these disparate assets to join in and actively participate in a combined synthetic environment.

Remote Representation

The Minerva system enables the user to take the simulated environment out of the ‘class room’ and into the real world. Minerva offers a range of remote synthetic interaction systems that offer the same look and feel as real equipment, but represent the synthetic environment. Examples of these include synthetic UAV emulators and complex observation systems that can be deployed in exactly the same way as the real equipment and therefore enable the user to train in a live, virtual and constructive environment, just as if they are using the real equipment.

The Minerva system is unique in that it is not tied to any infrastructure, can be deployed anywhere in the world and is designed to work out of the box.