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"The experts in part-task simulation training"


The SFS offer


As products become more complex and sophisticated, so the need for more in-depth operator training increases. Yet lengthy training schedules in full-service flight simulators for example, are increasingly beyond the logistical and financial reach of many training organisations.

SFS bridges that gap by providing a wide range of part-task training packages that deliver enough sensory information to produce a sufficiently immersive experience for that specific training objective.

This approach dramatically reduces cost and complexity whist still providing a highly effective, quality training experience.


SFS is also a world-class provider of part-task simulation training software, hardware and turn-key packages for military applications.

Again, as a consequence of increased technical sophistication within the aircraft or vehicle, overlaid by an increasing number of different and complex training scenarios, military planners are harnessing the SFS solution to deliver a fully authentic experience for training key personnel in a number of critical areas, including Search & Rescue, surveillance flight patterns and live-firing scenarios.

Such is the immersive quality of the state-of-the-art simulation technology provided by SFS, clients are increasingly finding that the SFS solution is now more effective than many traditional real-world training procedures, with the added bonus of greater affordability.