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"The experts in part-task simulation training"

MSPO, Poland, 2-3/09/2012

In response to an invitation following the London ITEC show this year, SFS was invited to exhibit at the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. They were guests of SPECOPS Sp, a partner of BiSim (Bohemia Interactive Simulations), who provided a space for them on their stand.

SFS brought with them one of their Hoverdeck motion platforms, fitted with flight controls, which proved to be a very popular attraction. It was in almost constant use over the four days of the event, as the “pilots” attempted to take off and land an Mi-17 helicopter in the dusty valleys of Afghanistan.

They also demonstrated a working prototype of TacVest, and showed off the replica controls alongside a rolling video of the Type-45 Destroyer Fast Boat Launch Trainer.

As part of Team MINERVA, they took with them a demonstration of some of the system’s Global Tactical Training capabilities, as did other team members who were exhibiting in an Igloo 360 degree projection dome outside the main halls.